Donny Schwenk

For the past 8 years, Donny has been the understudy of Jackie Kelly's Complete Casting, where her 35 years of knowledge in Casting, Entertainment Payroll, and SAG-AFTRA Production & Signatory Services has been passed onto him. Donny Schwenk now heads up Complete Casting and Complete Production Group's day-to-day operations and oversee's each Department. He has a long lasting working relationship with SAG-AFTRA and is also an active member and nominee judge of the New York Emmys and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Being a strong supporter of the unions, Donny enjoys working with fellow producers as well as the SAG-AFTRA offices to help interpret and streamline union documents, contracts, compliance, and payment for Television, Film, Commercial, Mew Media and various Voiceover projects. As a union signatory, we can streamline the pre and post-production process and advise you of potential pitfalls along the way.

"Complete Casting can help streamline your project and to help you in every key aspect along the way. Casting for your project, signing your project to the SAG-AFTRA contract and paying your talent and crew in accordance with all SAG-AFTRA, Federal, State and Local Laws are some of the ways we can take the administrative burden off of you." - Donny Schwenk

His positive attitude is contagious, his curiosity to do more is exciting, and his professionalism is second to none.

You can contact Donny at 646.434.0908 (NY) - 310.943.0010 (LA) or you can email him at